Nepali International Theological Seminary

Teaching in Nepali

Offering all the classes entirely in the Nepali language by well-trained Nepali teachers.

What we offer

We, as “Nepali International Theological Seminary (NITS), would like to inform you all that we offer CTH, BTH, and M.Div. to all our Nepali-speaking pastors and leaders worldwide. All the classes will entirely be taught in the Nepali language by well-trained Nepali teachers, and we will also provide substantial materials in both the Nepali and English language for all the classes.

Vision statement

Nepali pastors, leaders, and the Church across the globe will be trained and equipped to establish the kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Shepherd Jesus Christ.  

Mission Statement

We stand to raise indigenous leaders for the global Nepali churches.

Programs Offered

Certificate of Theology (C. Th.)

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee:
    • NRP 2000 for students from Nepal
    • IC 2000 for students from India
    • US$ 30 for students from Arabian Countries
    • US$ 50 for students from USA, Europe, Korea, Japan
  • NPR 15000 per semester for students from Nepal.
  • US$ 500 per semester for students from the USA, Europe, Israel, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.
  • US$ 250 per semester for students from Arabian countries, Malaysia, Hongkong & Singapore.

A Semester Fee Structure for M.Div.

  • 600 USD per semester for USA, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and Japan
  • 300 USD per semester for Arabian countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • IC 20,000 per semester for India and Bhutan
  • Rs. 20,000 per semester for Nepal
*Note: These fee structure is excluding class notes/books.


Students may apply for scholarships, but the finance committee will decide based on their urgency and need. We are here to serve and better equip you to send out into the world to expand the kingdom of God. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions. We will be happy to guide you throughout the process of your learning. 


New Semester always starts in July/January through Zoom and Moodle. The class will be three days a week and one course will be finished within a month. The class will be evening from 7 to 9 pm or morning 7-9 am. A student can use zoom to record if he/she misses a class. About 20 students will be in one class.