About NITS SeminarY

Nepali International Theological Seminary exists to meet the needs of Nepali churches around the world. As we all faced Pandemic together, we realized that we could share our gifts and talents to beautify the church of Christ through the mediums available to us in the twenty-first century. Our focus is not simply limited to poke around the present struggles and challenges that the Nepali churches are facing but also to raise second-generation church leaders to carry on the mission of Christ wherever we are in the world. Where most people use modern technology for their selfish gain and evil purposes, we will use it selflessly and graciously to build each other in Christ. We also felt and experienced that it is extremely hard for pastors and leaders to leave their families and the church to pursue further theological education. The recent online post and activities on social media gave us a clear picture of how false teaching and teachers are ravaging the Nepali churches worldwide. Therefore, we have prayerfully committed ourselves to serve the theological education at your study room no matter where you are in the world. We have craved the vision to see Nepali Church and the leaders being equipped to work in God’s vineyard and protect the church from false teaching and the teachers. We are so excited and blessed to be part of your ministry, church, and family. 

Grace and Peace